6 pound medicine ball

Medicine balls are tools that can be used in various range-of-motion, rehabilitation and strength-building exercises.The medicine ball is a great tool for building endurance, strength and for adding fun to your workouts.

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Our specially made Reebok medicine ball has the same fantastic standard construction as our standard medicine ball only with a different design.

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Medicine Exercise Ball with Dual Texture for Superior Grip by Day 1 Fitness - 10 Sizes Available, 4-20 Pounds - Fitness Balls for Plyometrics, Workouts - Improves Balance, Flexibility, Coordination.

10-Minute Beginner Medicine Ball Workout

This medicine ball is offered in color coded weights from 2 to 30 pounds, increasing in two pound increments.The weight of the ball can be used in a traditional way to increase the intensity of a strength exercise (i.e. holding a med ball at your chest for a squat) or put the ball in motion with nearly any exercise to.Grab a 6 to 12-pound medicine ball and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

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Medicine ball workouts and exercise ball workouts in general are becoming one of the favorite workout types for fitness enthusiasts, especially the Crossfit lovers.

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Stand with legs wide for balance, and hold a medicine ball in both hands in front of you.

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Work medicine balls into your daily exercise routine for building or toning muscle.Century vinyl medicine balls are sand-weighted and have a durable, vinyl cover.Step forward with your right leg and lower into a lunge, so.Stand with your legs about shoulder-width apart and hold an 8-pound medicine ball overhead.It comes in 12. 10. 8, 6 and 4-pound options for you to choose from and will a full exercise chat, be ready to start rocking.

This exercise works your core to keep your torso in alignment as you slam a medicine ball on the ground.I learned the hard way or wrong way that wall balls can be dangerous.Toss it higher and higher and let your knees bend as you absorb the.

Dynamax medicine balls have been tried, tested and proven by athletes of all levels.

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Tuesday March 27, 2012 - Rocky Point Crossfit, Coquitlam BC

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Medicine Ball Training Basics: 16 Exercises to Get You in

This vinyl-covered medicine ball is sand-weighted to build and tone muscles while improving coordination.

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